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Who is part of our network

Over the years we have established a competent and reliable network, we are happy to cooperate and to engage with.

First and foremost to be mentioned is our partner Bachler Team .
The guiding principle of Bachler Team is 
"top performance  - good life for people -  sustainability". 

Bachler Team


Another valuable partner of ours is the Terra Institute
The Terra Institute 
inspires sustainable growth and models for an interconnected system. Creating long-lasting value. 
As Terra-certified partner it is our intention to support the transition to a new, sustainable economic eco-system with all our mights. 



With Prewave we have a partner lifting supply chain management to the next level. Prewave is focused on AI driven supplier monitoring for purchasing, supply chain management and sustainability managers.


As a member of the initiative OHA! OSTBAYERN HANDELT e.V., we are actively involved in the development and implementation of sustainable business practices, particularly in the eastern Bavarian region. With this network we contribute to a future worth living - for ourselves, for politics and for society.

   Logo OHA 1024x1024

There are and have been more partners, teachers, friends, promoters and sponsors for us along the way:

sustainablenow claim

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