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Meaningful Vision

Meaningful Vision

Sustainable companies need an vision of the future that formulates development in the context of society and as a contribution to an intact environment. In this way, they offer stakeholders a perspective that can be evaluated as meaningful.
The joint development of the vision generates the power for transformation.

Strategy & Communication

Strategy & Communication

Strategy decides on priorities and focus topics.
It expresses in a sustainable and holistic way what contributions people can and should make to the company.
These decisions have an impact when they are properly communicated and become part of people's everyday lives, leading to new insights.

Leadership & Collaboration

Leadership & Collaboration

Companies have a great role model effect on our society and responsibility for the world we live in.
They create a culture that values diversity & contributions, promotes reflection & learning, and generates helping & sharing.
Together, they shape sustainable forms of collaboration and leadership.

Together with you, we develop an integrated sustainability strategy with a meaningful vision.

This also includes impact & risk analyses to define essential fields of action with the involvement of your stakeholders. Subsequently, meaningful performance indicators are derived from this and anchored in the management approach.

The achievement of the goals is backed up with effective measures in cooperation with you.

Finally, sustainability is institutionalised at the strategic and operational level as corporate sustainability management.
In this context, reporting obligations and legal requirements must be met, and communication must be transparent and successful.

Building on the meaningful vision, a sustainable corporate culture must be established.

  • 1. Integrated Sustainability Strategy
    • Creation of a meaningful vision
    • Involvement of stakeholders
    • Impact analysis
    • Risk management
    • Derivation of the essential fields of action
    • Definition of strategic control variables
    • Determination of the management approach
  • 2. Sustainability Goals
    • Development of the current situation for each field of action
    • Definition of projects, targets, performance indicators and responsibilities
    • Record CO2 footprint Scope 1-3
  • 3. Measures
    • Decarbonization strategy
    • Sustainable innovation management
    • Sustainable supply chains
    • Sustainable manufacturing
    • Accompanying communication
  • 4. Sustainability Management
    • Central ESG management
    • Compliance EU Taxonomy, CSRD, LkSG etc.
    • Reporting (according to GRI, DNK, ESRS etc.)
  • 5. Sustainable Leadership & Culture
    • Define and establish sustainable leadership.
    • Creating sustainable collaboration.

We individually support our customers with:

In-process inputs on sustainability

Effective process design

Goal-oriented support on all levels in various formats (largee groups, workshops, team meetings, 1.1)

Sustainability training with professional and/or cultural focus

Project management (organization, control, time) 

Digital solutions from partners (sustainability reporting, supplier management, corporate management simulations) 

Editorial services sustainability report (content, text, layout)

Development of accompanying communication concepts